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Thank you for continuing to give our Max love until the very end. Joy and Andrew helped us immensely on one of the worst days of our lives.


The owners and staff of Heavenly Gates went above and beyond to help us when our Silky Terrier passed in June. Andrew and Amy were with us every step of the way. They gave us all the time and information we needed to make decisions that were right for our family. The facility is beautiful, the service is personalized and caring, and we cannot say enough wonderful things about them!


Totally courteous and respectful. They did a wonderful job with our Noah. Hoping we don’t need to use them again for a while, but if I do, they are who I will always use! A++++

Great people to work with. Cared a lot about our Noah. Box for his ashes was beautiful. Will work with them again, when needed, for our other fur babies.


We had a very good experience with this company. Our dog passed away suddenly and Joy came out within an hour, picked up my baby, and helped us every step of the way. Everything from the urn, to the little poem they sent with his paw print, was so special. Thank you Heavenly Gates!


My daughter lost her dog Ruby unexpectedly on June 3rd. Her husband called and spoke with Kyle and within an hour he met them on-site. Andrew and Kyle were very professional and very sincere. They gave them the time to grieve before handing Ruby over. There was a nice selection of urns as well as paw print options. The facility was easy to get to, clean, and very welcoming, It was comforting to my daughter knowing that her girl was in good hands. Thank you Heavenly Gates for taking such great care of our girl!


Losing the sweetest little furbaby; with whom you have shared 16 years of love and joy was very difficult! Everyone associated with Heavenly Gates are pet owners who are kind, caring, and compassionate. The owners and staff were very receptive to providing patience and understanding!! Jacob and Amy went above and beyond, meeting me after hours, taking paw prints, ordering a photograph for the beautiful keepsake urn, and made Gizmo their priority. The facility is immaculate, tastefully decorated, warm, and inviting. I cannot begin to thank you enough for your kindness during such a difficult time and for the dignity with which I experienced throughout this endeavor.


Thank you Heavenly Gates staff for being there during our time of need. I couldn’t ask for anything more accommodating.


Thank you so much to the team at Heavenly Gates for taking such great care of Peanut.


Thank you for everything, Piglet was my world, and everything you guys did was just beautiful!


Thank you so much Heavenly Gates for everything, we appreciate your help during our time of need.


Thank you so much for everything!


April- I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to the whole team you guys have. I informed Lisa before his passing that she should go with you guys. She made a call and she said they were extremely nice and took there time and explained everything. When Weezy passed she made that call and your team went and picked him up. Was so gentle, and patient, explained everything they were about to do. Had her take her time to say her farewell goodbyes without rushing her. I am very glad she decided to go with you guys. I can’t thank you enough for helping her with this process. We would definitely be coming back to you guys in the future. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lisa-Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion during my time of need. I can never thank you guys enough for taking such good care of my beloved Weezy. A special thank you to Joy for her patience and understanding she was truly an Angel during this difficult time.

Tic Tac

Thank you all at Heavenly Gates for taking care of our babies Buddy and Tic Tac, Gary and I appreciate everything you did to accommodate our needs for our fur babies!!!! This is one of the hardest thing we had to do was put our baby girl Tic Tac to rest, she took a piece of our heart with her, our home feels so empty without her 🐾🥲💔🐾 Thank you all once again ❤️


They were right there 5:00 in the morning to meet us with my dog who had just pasted away. I know we woke Jacob up in the middle of the night but you would of never had known it. So caring. Thank You.


My name is Sharlene Johnson. I lost my precious JJ on December 1st to a heart attack. I contacted Heavenly Gates that day and they were wonderful.I took her there in the afternoon and met with Andrew. He was very compassionate and professional. I had my baby back the next day.
It was one of the worst days of my life and Andrew was very understanding. I would highly recommend this business to anyone in need.


They handled my baby so quick and respectfully. I got her ash and urn the next day. Teena responded to all my requests quickly. The price is reasonable. I appreciate their service.


Our Goldie, Gaston died suddenly and when he passed away the vet office where he lay, wanted to call their “recommended” crematory service. I absolutely slammed my foot down and demanded that we have Amy and her husband from Heavenly Gates Pet Cremation take care of our Gaston.
I didn’t call upon her just because she is a friend of mine, I called upon her because I knew with all of my heart and soul that Amy and her staff would take care of our boy. I knew she would love him and care for him and give him the dignity that he deserved. There was no doubt in my mind she wouldn’t let Gaston know he was in good hands.
We were beyond devastated and we still are and Amy and her staff did everything that you can possibly imagine to help us with this transition- provided comfort and care not only to us but to Gaston, shared their kind words
that provided us with ease and assurance, treated Gaston with gentleness and love and compassion beyond anyone’s imagination. The most important was TIME, they provided us time to heal. Heavenly Gates allowed us to heal, which to me is the most important. Their patience, kindness, empathy, love, support, generosity, compassion for what they do is beyond what you will ever expect. I cannot express enough how important their role was in this transition. These fur babies are like family- they are FAMILY. Amy and her staff understand how important these precious babies are to us and with that, they treated Gaston like a king.
The loss is so heavy hearted that you cannot sometimes think or motivate yourself and I think the greatest commitment with this establishment is the understanding of that and their whole hearted compassion for you, your family, and the grief you bear.
It is hard and is still hard, but I nor my family would have been able to handle the process without the care and support from everyone at Heavenly Gates Pet Cremation. I knew that Gaston was going to be taken care of the minute I reached out to Amy and I knew he was in loving arms the day she picked him up and messaged me “I got your boy.” ❤️
Amy and the staff at Heavenly Gates, my family and I are forever grateful to you for honoring our boy, Gaston. I know he was loved and cared for from the time AMY picked him up at the vet’s office to when he parted from this world. No one else would have given Gaston the love he so deserved!
Thank you ❤️


The most caring and considerate angels in your time of need for your fur babies dignity. They are there when everyone else is not! More businesses should take notice!!! From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.

Charlie Brown

From the moment I contacted them in the middle of the night Kyle gave me the utmost respect and compassion, checked on me by text throughout the night until they could get to my home. Upon arrival, Teena made sure I was OK, she let me cry, gave me hugs and truly cared about what I wanted to Charlie Brown. I literally can not say anything but what a great place to have handle your pets passing in your time of need. They understand that the grieving doesnt stop after you pick up the ashes. What a wonderful group of Humans. I don’t’ know what I would have done without them at that time.


The respect and compassion we were shown, after losing our sweet kitty, Hilda, was second to none! We love our urn, footprints, and kind words!! Thank you!!!


My family truly appreciates the care provided when our beloved dog Willy passed away. The entire process was superbly easy and the team at Heavenly Gates was wonderful to work with! Their facility is top notch, and everything was complete quickly, professionally, and affordable!


Compassionate and kind to whole family during the loss of our sweet Boulder.


Everyone was just awesome, when we lost our Ziggy they just made everything easy for us and provided just what we needed and wanted. The service was top notch!


Amy & her crew were very compassionate and understood what I was going through, didn’t push sales stuff, quickly did the service and got my baby back to me. Thank you all very much! Highly recommend!!


It’s never easy losing a pet, but this place and the people here make it a little bit easier. They are so kind, friendly, and sweet. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to help us with our boy.

Thank you so much! You made us feel like family and helped us say our final goodbye with such a beautiful memory❣️I will cherish all the thoughtful details you incorporated into keeping Duke a valued member of our family. Your compassion and support made this extremely difficult time so much easier. Thank you for helping me honor his memory.


My dear Gizmo was abruptly taken from me, and the pain is the likes I’ve never felt before. I originally buried my dear baby, but then changed my mind and wanted him cremated. I phoned Heavenly Gates an emotional mess, and Amy picked up the phone. She was so very caring and truly understanding of my situation. It was a Sunday, after hours, and Amy still came in to meet me with my beloved Gizmo and made it so easy to choose what I wanted despite me being such an emotional mess. I picked my Gizmo up the next afternoon and could not have been happier. Amy did such a wonderful job honoring my Gizmo. Now my boy will be with me all the time. I can’t thank you enough Amy, you’ve brought me peace of mind that my baby will always be with me.


Our Molly passed away early this past Saturday morning. We called and spoke with Amy. She was very caring and understanding. We made arrangements to meet that morning to take Molly. The kindness, compassion, and empathy demonstrated during this very difficult time was beyond words. We took comfort in knowing that our Molly was being looked after. From the moment we handed our furbaby over to Amy, to the conversations after to assure we had everything that we wanted, to meeting Teena today when we picked Molly up, to bring her home. We knew that she was treated with respect and care. We highly recommend their extraordinary services. Thank you for all that you do!!!

Marley May

From the first moment I reached out to Heavenly Gates, it was a comforting and heartwarming experience. I messaged her at 5:30 AM shortly after our beloved furbaby passed and right away Heavenly Gates responded. Heavenly Gates helped us through a very difficult time for our family with such compassion and love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️


Heavenly gates made this process a lot easier. Definitely a great experience & I couldn’t be more grateful!!! ❤️


I want to give a big shout out to Teena Carr and the staff of Heavenly Gates Pet Cremation for their loving care of my pug. They were amazing, sweet, kind… there are not enough words.

If this is something you choose to do with your pet, go see them. They understand that pets ARE family.

Thank you!


I lost my Tucker unexpectedly on a Sunday morning. Amy was able to meet with us within an hour even though it was the weekend and was great helping me make decisions I really couldn’t. They set him up so nicely so I could privately say my final goodbyes. They were amazing. Thank you so much for helping me honor my boy.


They were very kind, caring, and helpful. I felt comfortable entrusting them with our pup. The time will come that I will unfortunately need the services again, and I will definitely choose Heavenly Gates.


Highly recommend to anyone who has lost an important member of their family. We lost our dog after 10 years and they treated him as if he was their own. We have a paw print, nose prints and a very nice collection to always remind us of our best friend. They made a horrible day just a little easier. We knew he was in good hands. We can’t thank them enough.


My dear sweet baby Feather left us suddenly. I was considering burying her in the backyard. I thought that any other option would be extremely expensive. It was a Sunday afternoon, I called two places and Amy got back to me. She was caring and responsive to my calls, texts/questions. She even went the extra step of obtaining a nose print and giving me Feather’s ponytail.


Best customer service the lady there was so sweet and understanding..


These folks were an absolute blessing. They came out on Good Friday to help me when nobody else would. They are not only incredible, but compassionate and caring which made a difficult situation a little easier. I would highly recommend them.


The loss of our sweet cat Snicklefritz was sudden and totally devastating on Saturday night. I called the following day and Amy picked up quickly and arranged to meet me within the hour. She was very compassionate. I was so grief-stricken and her kindness was extremely helpful as she guided me through the process. Though they were not regular business hours, I was given as much time as was needed to say goodbye to my sweet boy.
The entire process was as pleasant as it could be for a time like that. They put gentle care and effort into what they do, which is greatly appreciated.
Thank you all for what you do.

Chowder, Jasper, & Athena

We unfortunately had an outbreak of parvo and lost 3 of our babies in 2 days. It was the hardest experience we ever had to go through, but Heavenly Gates was so kind and gave us a discount for the situation. Amy was so welcoming and really showed us some light in a terrible situation. I highly recommend having this place take care of your babies ❤️ thank you again.


We came home and discovered that our sweet baby had went to heaven, and late at night Amy left her home and came to meet us for our Bullet’s final passage. Heavenly Gates has been amazing to us in this difficult time, they have never treated us like a customer, but like we were family because we had lost a member of our family and they knew how difficult that was for us. They never rushed us to make any decisions, they have been there for support in whatever we need. It takes special people to be there in your time of need and Heavenly Gates has those people. It is very unfortunate that we had to meet this way but I would 100% recommend them to anyone who needs their services. And I’m so glad that we found them to take care of our boy so baby Bullet can stay with us forever 💙


They happily opened up their facility on a Saturday for our last minute appointment and they were also very flexible with us arriving past business hours to pick up our fur baby. Amy was super kind and polite and I’d highly recommend this company to anyone.


Thank you so much for caring for our sweet girl 💙. I found comfort knowing she would be treated with gentleness and respect. The print of her snout was unexpected and I broke down with emotion so thankful that it was done. I would never have thought to ask for one and it is a perfect keepsake. Thank you for your services. Lindsay Dawson


Losing a pet is one of the hardest things we go through. They are family and they are loved and when they leave us, we are devastated.
Heavenly Gates treated my dog BEAUTY with as much love, kindness, and caring as someone would treat a person. They made this easier for us, and the urn & memorial shadowbox are beautiful.
Thank you Amy, Andrew, and Tina ♡

Cannon Rose

I cannot say enough good things about my experience here! They truly take great care of not only your pet but you as well, will definitely be returning if something happens to any of my other fur baby’s or future ones!


First i want to thank Amy, Teena and Kyle for everything they have done during this difficult time for me. I had reached out to Heavenly Gates Pet Cremation a few days prior to putting my baby Jake down. I spoke with Amy to get the information I needed. I could tell she was very compassionate, caring, kind and sincere. I could tell she really felt my pain. Then when the time came i called because it was a Friday night and Jake was being put down after 8pm and it was a holiday weekend. Kyle was great when I called. He kept in constant contact with me until i got to the crematory. Again, Thank You Amy, Teena and Kyle! I would definitely recommend Heavenly Gates Pet Cremation.


Andrew was very compassionate and explained everything to us. Immediate service for our Max with the utmost dignity. Recommend highly. Thank you.


They took great care of my Buddy. They are compassionate and caring, I was given the opportunity for extra time with Buddy, meaning that they weren’t in a rush. I will definitely be going to them again if the need ever arises. I strongly recommend their services.

Oreo Cookie

I had to put my sweet guinea pig down, heavenly gates took great care of him as I had decided I wanted him cremated since burying him was not an option. I love that I have his tiny little paw prints to keep


Even when you know it’s coming, it’s never an easy decision. I reached out to Amy Thursday morning and by Thursday afternoon she was able to send the vet to our home to put our sweet girl to rest without all the added stress of a car ride and vet visit. Amy personally came to my house and explained everything to us and gave us all the time we needed before she took our girl and made all these beautiful memories for us ❤️ She was back home with us in less than 24 hours! If you need end of life care for one of your fur babies, I highly recommend Heavenly Gates Pet Cremation for your needs. You won’t find a more genuine or compassionate person! Thank you again for a beautiful ending for our sweet Ladybug ❤️


First I would like to say Thank You for taking care of my baby’s cremation. I didnt know what to expect as this was the first pet I have ever had cremated. Let me just say that the process was easier than I thought it would be. From the first phone call with Amy just to get the information I needed to the night I had to bring him in to Kyle was exceptional. I could tell from speaking with Amy that she was very sincere, compassionate, thoughtful and caring as I was asking my questions. When I had to make the call to bring him in Kyle was the best. It was after hours and a holiday weekend at that but when i made the call he was there. He keep in touch with me from the moment I contacted him to let him know I would be going to my vet to put my baby down until he met me at the door. I can tell you i will definitely highly recommend you to my family and friends.

I have attached a few pictures of Jake as Kyle said you would need them. If there is anything else you need please let me know.

Thank you for everything and for making this process a little easier for me.


Julie Short


Highly recommend for end of life needs. We were able to have the vet come to our home and Amy came to our home as well to pick up our baby. Amy’s care and compassion is second to none! She will treat your baby as her own! Thank you for making a horrible time so much easier!


Amy, Teena and Andrew at Heavenly Gates were all very helpful and caring when my beautiful Sabrina went on her final journey. She was my faithful companion for over 12 years. I will miss her for the rest of my life.


What a WONDERFUL family Company and service. I can not say enough good things about Heavenly Gates. We had a pet pass and needed help and guidance with the after shock. From the second I walked in the door I knew my little one would be taken care of with respect and dignity. I can’t thank them enough for all their love, respect and understanding. We now have a Beautiful memory of our precious Skooter. ❤️


I don’t know what I would have done without this company. Amy is such an angel and a blessing. Thank you so much for everything you did! The urn, the prints, the memorial, it was all so beautiful. They do a great job at Heavenly Gates Pet Cremation, and I will definitely use them again.


There are so many things to say about the staff of Heavenly Gates, but 3 things stick out. Loving, compassionate, and caring. Our sweet tri-pod great dane had to cross over; and they stayed late to welcome her into their loving arms. Jacob was there to greet us and even gave us a few minutes to sit with her and love on her just a bit longer. Teena and Amy both were amazing, and I cannot thank you all for working with us and all the love and care you put into what you do! I have made sure to tell others about Heavenly Gates and the staff. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts 💕
The Ritchie family


Very compassionate and understanding.


Our experience was great with Heavenly Gates Pet Cremation. The service was compassionate, speedy, and well priced. We had our pet back within 2 days and were very happy with how everything was presented and handled. I would highly recommend.


The employees were attentive and provided numerous options with clear explanations and pricing. My pet was handled respectfully, and promptly. They even answer the phone 24 hours a day and offer after hours services for a fee. Your pet will be well taken care of with Heavenly Gates.

Abby Mae

This business Heavenly Gates Pet Cremation is the BEST. They took excellent care of my dog when she passed away. They are reasonable for the prices. They also do a lot for your animals like having Santa and Mrs. Claus come out for pictures. I gave them 5 stars but they deserve 10 stars or more.


Heavenly Gates is a wonderful place for your pets final arrangement. The team was very sweet and compassionate when we our 15 year old dog passed way. They went above and beyond for our little girl and our family.


This place was great met me after hours to take care of process fast turn around and truly like a family thanks heavenly gates


The people at Heavenly Gates took such very good care of me and my cat. They were wonderfully kind and supportive during a very difficult time. And they gave me a card with her paw print on it which I treasure. I can’t thank them enough.


Very fast and they made everything seamless during a very unexpected hard time. Would recommend to everyone for pet final arrangements.


Heavenly Gates provided such excellent service. Losing a beloved pet is hard, but they made the process of it very easy from start to finish. The Pacarro family is so appreciative of everything Heavenly Gates has done for us especially during such a difficult time.


This place is amazing. Caring and respectful for your loss and goes above beyond in service. God bless heavenly gates staff


Incredible hospitality! Very very kind in assisting me with cremating my hamster. The tribute was beautiful and kind, the urn is cute and has a great structure. All staff were so kind, the building itself is clean and warming. Will always recommend!!


This place is full of the kindest souls. I really didn’t want to go through this, but they made it so much easier and less scary and sad. I would absolutely recommend anyone to go here if they need their services. They are extremely attentive and make you feel like family.


The people at Heavenly Gates were so kind and thoughtful. We were away from home and found them to take care of our baby of 17 years. They took special care of him. They were very sympathetic and understanding regarding our fur baby. They contacted us to again give their condolences and made a tribute online for Maow, that was beautiful. We would recommend them to anyone.
Mike and Denise


They made me feel very comfortable knowing I made the right choice to have them cremate my fur baby, so professional and caring.


What a wonderful experience to a sad event. We lost our 12 year old beloved fur baby and worked with Amy on our memorial. Perfect from start to finish. Highly recommend their services.


They were able to help me keep my baby girl home where she belongs. My horse was my everything and loosing her so unexpectedly was very hard to cope with but with the help of Heavenly Gates I was able to bring my Matti back home where she belongs. It was very overwhelming at first trying to find someone local to help me achieve my goal of being able to bring her back home until I got in contact with this amazing company. It is a great feeling knowing she was well cared for loved while she was in there facility. The product after if just as beautiful as my horse Matti was when she was still with us. I will be forever grateful for this amazing opportunity this company has given me since I was able to bring my girl back home.


I quite honestly don’t think there are words to explain how amazing these guys are. They went above and beyond for us and truly were there every step of the way. When they brought my dog home I was greeted with a hug. They showed nothing but compassion and love. We received updates via text and phone calls. They shared in our sorrow and made sure we knew our baby was well cared for. I can’t recommend them enough.


While it is a rather somber topic that no one likes to think about; I cannot recommend this place enough!! In years past, I have used a local funeral home in Salisbury when my pets passed.  Two weeks ago I lost my dog Lexi to cancer and my veterinarian highly recommended I use Heavenly Gates.  I cannot express into words how kind, caring, compassionate Heavenly Gates was.  Celebrating a pets life is truly their passion and priority vs humans.  They laid my dog out in a beautiful viewing room where we could say our final goodbyes, including my other dog.

They unexpectedly took beautiful ink paw and nose prints for me.  Clay prints, personalized card, etc.  The urn is absolutely beautiful and personalized.  The cremation is done in a very timely manner, right on site.  Afterwards they even created a beautiful tribute to my dog online.

Amy, Andrew, and her staff went above and beyond during this difficult time; and I cannot thank them or recommend them enough! ❤


A simple “Thank You” could not express my family’s heartfelt gratitude, for the compassion and empathy our family received from Heavenly Gates Pet Cremation. From the moment my family made that devastating phone call that our 14-week-old puppy, Gus, had gotten hit by a car, on a Friday night at 11pm, Heavenly Gates team was right there to assist us throughout the whole process and beyond. The facility was clean and soothing. The different packages made it easy for us to choose how our lil Gus would be remembered in our time of duress. The team’s guidance went above and beyond the planning process for our lil Gus! As a mother of 3 kids, Amy was an invaluable asset to helping me, help my children get though the hard time even after we got our family members remains home. As a matter of fact, our puppy has been w/ Jesus for a month now and Amy is still helping my family. I don’t have words but Thank you! Truly Thank You!


Thank you Amy and your staff for taking such lovely care of our little boy Toby. You showed compassion through every step of this process.


Everyone there is so sweet and took such care with us as we made arrangements for our dog. I would recommend their business.

Heavenly Gates was recommended to me by a friend when our 13-year-old schnoodle passed. We were very emotional and in constant tears, so it was such a relief to have someone take care of all the details. They picked up our baby from the vet, took care of her remains, and stayed in constant contact. The memorial items and urn were very beautiful. Anytime I had questions, they were available with patience and kindness. I am so glad that we used their service, because it was a source of comfort during a very difficult time.


They did an awesome job for my Maisey Girl.


The staff at Heavenly Gates made a very difficult time a lot more bearable. My interactions with Teena were compassionate and professional and she made sure that our boy was memorialized exactly the way we wanted. She constantly kept us informed of the progress which made it much easier for our family. Once we received him back, Amy followed up and made sure we were taken care of. Heavenly Gates worked closely with our vet, Evergreen Veterinary Services, which was also very reassuring.


We had wonderful experience at a very sad time. The staff was compassionate and very nice. I would recommend anyone loosing a beloved pet to remember them in this way.


Amy and her husband were great! Compassionate and sweet, even met us after hours when our sweet boy passed away.


A sincere thank you to Teena and Andrew ! Our experience at Heavenly Gate in Seaford, DE was professional, tender and heartwarming. We are so thankful for being recommended here, and in turn we whole heartedly recommend. An emotional and sad loss, we were met with an experience we never expected to be so lovely and comforting.


They were the best I never thought the process would be so easy Teena was the best thank you so very much


My grandmother lost her beloved dog, and we decided to take her to Heavenly Gates. All of the staff were professional and caring throughout the process. The box and engraving were beautiful. They even wrote a tribute for her dog on their Facebook page. My family has had a lot of dogs over the years that have been cremated. The experience at Heavenly Gates was better than any other, by far. Would definitely recommend this place!


We had a huge. Accident with our dog and it was on a Sunday. And I just want to say they came in on a Sunday for me and helped us with everything for are pup. They were so nice and understanding. I just want to say thank you From the bottom of my heart.


When our beloved Toby passed away at home on a Sunday morning, with our vet being closed we did some research and called Heavenly Gates to see if there was anything we could do. The sweetest lady answered and said we could bring Toby in after hours and on a Sunday and we were so thankful for that! From start to finish they made the whole process so easy during such a sad and difficult time. Everyone has been so understanding and compassionate and we could not be more blessed to have a company filled with wonderful people so close to home. Highly recommend for all your pet cremation needs! Very reasonable too. 🐾💙


They have the most caring and professional staff you could ever meet or speak with. They helped bring home my sweet baby Dior after such a tragic accident. They made it as bearable as possible, and was less than 48 hours to bring him back home. I can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done and everything is so beautiful!! Fly high baby boy, momma misses and loves you 🐕 🌈🐾

Thank you to everyone at Heavenly Gates for superb service and support as we say goodbye to our beloved pets. We will choose y’all every time because of the excellent quality of services but above that, the abundance of compassion and care that y’all have given us, you just don’t find anywhere else.


Called and talked to Amy and Teena went smoothly. If you need something cremated give them a call and they will take good care of you.


Thank you Heavenly Gates Pet Cremation for taking such great care of our Annie girl. It was not an easy call to make to Kyle that we were in need of their services. Kyle made arrangements for Andrew to be at our house to pick Annie up after her passing. Upon Andrew’s arrival, he was extremely professional and ensured us Annie was in great hands. We are forever grateful of your services and how quickly Annie came home to us! Thank you again, Heavenly Gates Pet Cremation!


Great staff! They definitely made the process as easy as it can be when going through a rough time.


We suddenly lost our beloved Barney (Pomeranian) at 3am in the morning. Omg we were devastated. I called Heavenly Gates and Amy returned my call at 4 am to make arrangements for Barney. Amy checked on me all day. I sent her photos and she arranged the most beautiful memorial to our precious buddy. I am eternally grateful for Amy and Teena at Heavenly Gates Pet Cremation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❤️


I can’t say enough good things about this place. Our old girl Minnie passed away unexpectedly. We found her when we got home from work and it was close to their closing time but they still said we had time to bring her. They never rushed us and were the most kind and caring as one could be. They have plenty of options to choose from as far as memorial items are considered. The finished product was beautiful. They stayed in contact every step of the way through the entire process and we just couldn’t have asked for a better experience during this difficult time. They will certainly have my business from here on out.


Losing a beloved member of your family is never easy. Making this experience as loving and compassionate is something Amy and the team at Heavenly Gates Pet Cremation has done.


I met Amy by pure chance in my veterinarians office when I was there to pick up my dog’s ashes. I had no idea who she was, and she overheard me speaking to the receptionist. I was emotional and heartbroken over the loss of my beloved dog. She came over to personally express her condolences. Heavenly Gates presented me with a beautiful urn, a beautiful plaster impression of my dog’s paw and a beautiful shadowbox. Amy also posted a heartwarming tribute to my dog on their social media page. I cannot say enough about how compassionate and caring they are. For those of you who go through the unspeakable sorrow of losing a pet, I highly recommend using Heavenly Gates in Seaford Delaware for your pet’s final services.


The morning of my boys passing, I called Amy at Heavenly Gates and she came right to me. She gave me the time I needed with him before taking him. She walked me through the process of cremation. She was so comforting and went out of her way to bring comfort to me during this difficult time. After receiving everything they had done, I was so amazed by the amazing urn with his picture, the pawprints, nose prints, paw molds, shadowbox, cards etc. They went above and beyond for my boy and now I have him back home and feel close to him again. I can’t thank Heavenly Gates enough. Thank you thank you

Presley’s mommy


Heavenly Gates Pet Crematorium did an amazing job with our recently deceased cat, Pumpkin. Amy was very sweet and helpful during our tough time. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking to cremate their fur children!


Even though it was a bitter moment losing our Eva, everyone was very understanding and supportive. Kyle was on it from the start when I called very early that morning. He was available every time I called. Then there was Amy, with all the comforting things she said and did. I would recommend this awesome place should anyone have to say farewell to your loved family pet.


From the moment I walked in the door and was beside myself with the death of my kitten, Teena gave me a hug when I really needed one. She was very kind and compassionate. It only took two days and I had my Teddy’s cremated remains back. They have excellent service.


The people who work here are some of the sweetest you’ll find. I lost my pup this week and from start to finish every member of staff made us feel like family. They took exceptional care of my pup and got her back to us quickly. They made the final goodbye beautiful and private for us. The prices are so affordable and there is no compromise in care. Thank you to everyone at Heavenly Gates!


The moment we had to say goodbye to our sweet boy, I knew he would be in good hands with Heavenly Gates. They went above and beyond to ensure the decision making process was quick and easy while making sure my input mattered. Their ability to create sweet mementos to always remember your furry friend shows they go above and beyond for their clients. I highly recommend!


I cannot say enough about Heavenly Gates and how amazing they have been. They treat you like you’ve known each other forever, they are kind and understanding from beginning to end. Picking up my baby and seeing the details of everything from her urn to the personal card..it brought my family comfort and peace. We will forever be grateful to Heavenly Gates.